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How To Find A Reliable Tree Surgeon

A reliable tree surgeon is essential for quality tree care. With some species taking decades to get established and bloom, trees can be an extremely valuable feature on your property. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of attributes to look for in a professional, so you can be confident that they’re reliable and capable.

A Tree Surgeon's Reputation

First of all, you’ll want to shop around for reputable tree surgeons. We recommend looking online your local area, or talking to friends and family to get an idea of who’s the best. Reviews on a tree surgeons website and listings are a great way to initially assess the ideal contractor. Once you’ve found a suitable match, simply get in touch to book a quote or consultation.

Arboriculture Qualifications

Before allowing any work to commence, it’s important that you verify all the qualifications your tree surgeon has. To be an arborist, it requires training in arboriculture itself, and the tools required to do the job. This means at a minimum, an NVQ, along with certifications in chainsaws and other elated machinery. This is essential as without these, not only could an unqualified contractor damage your beloved trees, but your property too.


You could argue that experience is just as important, if not more important than qualifications. After all, what use is the theoretical knowledge if it’s not been implemented practically in the workplace. That’s why it’s best to check how long a tree surgeon has been operating, and examples of previous work to ensure they know what they’re doing.


Finally, the last piece of the puzzle is your tree surgeon’s knowledge. Realistically, there are hundreds of species of trees and they all have individual pruning and maintenance requirements. From fruit trees in the autumn to limb management on ash trees with dieback. We advise talking to your contractor and simply asking them about the tree work you require. They’ll exhibit a comprehensive knowledge of the Genus, and the appropriate way to tackle the project.

tree surgeon using chainsaw

Choose Middleton Tree Services For Reliable Surgeons

If you’re looking for safe, experienced, qualified and knowledgeable tree surgeons, then look no further than Middleton Tree Services. We’re equipped to tackle any tree pruning, maintenance or removal so you can be confident in the work we do.

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