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Tree Removal & Pruning

If you suspect that a large tree has died, is diseased or you just want to flood your garden with light, we have the skills and tools to professionally and safely cut down, dismantle and prune large trees. No matter the size or height, we can provide our services to you. Based in Sutton Coldfield, we can serve customers throughout Birmingham. Pruning and felling trees can be a dangerous task, if not performed correctly. You can risk damage and injury to the general public and also to the surrounding properties. With this in mind, our company is fully insured and experienced to safely dismantle mature trees, for your total peace of mind.

If you have a large tree that needs to be removed or pruned, get in touch with our team for a free quotation.

Tree Felling

Trees can become hazardous especially if they have died. As well as this, high winds, storms, and flooding can cause trees to topple over without any warning! Our company has all the tools and equipment to perform safe tree felling and removal including the removal of the roots and stumps. As well as this, we will carry out a designated risk assessment to pinpoint the best and safest way to cut down a tree. In built-up areas, very large trees may need to be dismantled into sections before they can be removed. Even large branches can cause damage if they are not handled with care, so it is extremely important that you hire a qualified tree surgeon, to ensure the safety of everyone in the surrounding area. Our team has over 23 years of experience, cutting down a variety of tree types and sizes, so get in touch for our services.

Pruning & Maintenance

In order to keep trees and shrubs healthy, they can benefit from pruning and trimming. Keeping large trees pruned can keep their foliage under control with the added bonus of allowing more light to enter your house or garden space. Furthermore, choosing to prune a tree can encourage new and healthy growth, including better fruit crops and flowering seasons. When we carry this out, we will look for ‘problem branches’, these might be defective or diseased and will need to be swiftly removed, to ensure the continued health of the tree and also the safety of you and your property. choose us for expert tree pruning!

Good job done on my conifers very professional, cleared all rubbish up left the garden perfect.

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For tree maintenance and felling, call our team of experienced tree surgeons in Sutton Coldfield today.
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