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A Guide To Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is a fantastic way to shape and style your property. A well manicured shrub can bring life and symmetry to a garden. Therefore, it’s important to ensure each plant is shaped to perfection. If you’re wondering how to do this yourself, or whether to contact a professional, then read on discover more about pruning techniques and contractors.

Identify The Tree You're Pruning

The first step to tree pruning is identifying the tree. This is one of the most important things you can do before getting stuck in. The reason for this is because each tree needs something different. Although generally speaking, most trees can tolerate light pruning any time of the year, to shape and style a tree requires knowledge of growth patterns, blooming seasons and disease resistance.

Cutting a tree back at the wrong time of year may not just result in a lack of fruit or bloom, but could cause damage.

Study The Species Requirements

Once you know the Genus and species of the tree you’re pruning, we recommend truly studying the requirements before making any cuts. Certain trees such as apples or cherries need to be pruned correctly at the right time of year. If they’re not pruned below the bud at the correct time before bloom, you could severely reduce potential fruiting yields.

Additionally, it’s important to look into the right way to make a cut. For instance, if you make a flat cut, or a cut leading downwards towards a bud, it can result in rot and disease. Always cut at an angle above the bud leading away to prevent moisture from building.

tree pruning with loppers

Contact A Professional Tree Surgeon

Some tree pruning jobs are best left to the professionals. This is especially true for big trees, or big jobs. A trained tree surgeon will make short of the grove, and knows the correct way to lower heavy limbs. This means there’s far less risk to the health of the tree, and of those making the cuts.

They’ll always be knowledgeable in the correct way to prune back all trees, which will save you the time and effort of learning the techniques, and carrying out the work yourself.

Choose Middleton Tree Services For Pruning Specialists

For professional tree pruning specialists, contact Middleton Tree Services. We’ve been cutting trees for years, and know exactly when, where and how to do so. If you’ve got a tree that needs reducing, give us a call today.

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