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Tree Services: A Guide

Tree services are a wonderful way to maintain your landscape. They keep your land presentable, safe, and well-managed. However, if you are new to dealing with landscaping issues, then it may also seem overwhelming. Read on for our short guide on tree services, what they are, and why they’re so useful.

Tree Surgery

Tree surgery is a broad term referring to the treatment of your forestry. It is done for the health of the trees themselves, the health and safety of those in their presence, and the overall health of your landscape.

Tree surgery encompasses both major and minor changes to your forestry. It can be something as small as pruning and maintenance, to the outright felling and removal of the tree altogether.

Pruning And Maintenance

Trees can often grow in a way that puts themselves, the surrounding plant life, and even the people around them in danger.

Pruning and maintenance solves this issue. Pruning can alter the way a tree grows, ensuring that its weight is correctly balanced. Maintenance can ensure that the tree continues to get an optimal amount of sunlight without cutting that sunlight off from other plants you want growing on your land.

Tree surgeon hedge trimming on a ladder

Felling And Removal

Sometimes a tree just has to go. Often this is because the tree has died. Other times, it is because it has become a health and safety risk. Errant growth, storms, or flooding can cause a tree to become unstable. While sometimes it is possible to save the tree, often it may need to be removed. This is done so that the tree does not fall at an inopportune time and cause damage to people and property.

Finally, it could just be because it stands in the way of an upcoming construction project. A skilled tree surgeon can fell and remove the tree in question in a safe and responsible manner. This includes a controlled felling, in which the tree is cut down and removed safely.

Tree Felling in garden after pruning

Stump Grinding & Removal

If you’ve recently had a tree cut down and removed, then you will still be left with a stump. While stumps are not the health and safety risk a dangerous tree might have been, it’s still in the way. Removing it is especially important if you had the tree felled in preparation for a construction project. There are two options available, depending on your needs.

Tree stump grinding is less invasive. It involves a machine called a stump grinder grinding away the wood of the stump until it reaches ground level. This provides a flat base for your landscape and prevents the tree from any attempts to regrow.

Tree stump removal is, as the name suggests, the total removal of the remaining tree stump. This process may still begin with stump grinding if the tree was large enough. Then the stump will be ripped from the ground, roots and all. This option may be preferred by those who are looking to begin a construction or agricultural project. Such work often requires access to the soil beneath the surface, making the removal of the roots just as important as the stump above ground.

Rank of 3 stump grinders

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Tree surgery is an important job. Its proper execution is vital to the beauty of your land, its function, and the health and safety of those on it. As such, finding a reliable contractor is essential. The question is then, what do you look for in a reliable tree surgeon? Read on for our guide on what qualities you should be looking for:
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