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How Often Should You Have Your Hedge Trimmed?

Hedge trimming is a great way to keep your landscape looking beautiful and functional all year round. It helps maintain a healthy border between properties, accents gardens and prevents damage to adjacent vehicles.

However, it can be tough to know how often you need to have your hedge trimmed. Especially if you don’t have a particularly green thumb.

Don’t worry. Read on for our guide on how often you should have your hedge trimmed.

Why Shouldn’t You Just Wait Until Your Hedge Needs Trimming?

One thought you may have is to just wait until your hedge absolutely needs trimming before having it done.

We recommend against this. Strongly.

By the time you realise your hedge does need trimming, it is often too late. Like most plants, hedges will do most of their growing in the summer. If you wait until your hedge absolutely needs trimming, then you may find that your local landscaping businesses are already booked up.

This could leave you waiting the busy season out with a badly overgrown hedge.

Overgrown foliage can scratch up car paint and ruin gardens as they steal sunlight from other plants. What’s more, if a hedge borders a road, it can be outright dangerous. An overgrown hedge could block line of sight for cars, leading to serious accidents.

Headge Trimming

How Often Should You Have Your Hedge Trimmed?

Once to twice a year. This number can change depending on your foliage’s access to sunlight, water, and the quality of the soil. It also depends on where the hedge is placed. If an overgrown hedge could potentially obscure visibility for a vehicle, then you are obligated to keep it pruned.

In the case of formal hedges, it is recommended that you have them trimmed at least three times a year.

When Should You Have Them Trimmed?

If your hedge is new, then you will want to have them pruned in the winter or early spring. This is referred to as formative pruning. As the name suggests, this helps form the plant’s overall shape into what you want.

After formative pruning, you will want to have your hedge taken care of either during the spring or summer. Make sure to book this as far in advance as possible. It is a very busy time of year for landscapers and you may just find yours booked up if you don’t.

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