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What To Look For In A Reliable Tree Surgeon

Tree surgery is an important job. Its proper execution is vital to the beauty of your land, its function, and the health and safety of those on it. As such, finding a reliable contractor is essential. The question is then, what do you look for in a reliable tree surgeon? Read on for our guide on what qualities you should be looking for:


Tree surgery is an intensive and potentially dangerous job. It takes experience and expertise to ensure that your landscape is properly tended. Only then can your land be made safe and presentable. Make sure that any tree surgeon hire has the experience you deserve.

Your Tree Surgeon Must Be Insured

An experienced and qualified contractor will know how to avoid any accidents or damages that may occur while working on your land. Sometimes, however, whether it be bad luck or unforeseen circumstances, things can go wrong. When this happens, you should be secure in the knowledge that your contractor is insured. This will protect against any damage that may occur while they are working on your land.

It’s not enough, however, for them just to have insurance. The ceiling on its compensation should be high. Accidents in tree surgery are rare for experienced and certified contractors. But, when they happen, they can incur serious damage. The average weight of a fully grown tree is, after all, between three and five tons.

Our own insurance compensation has a ceiling of £5,000,000. We are confident in our skills and abilities. But should an accident occur, we guarantee your financial protection.

tree surgery

Clearly Priced

Your tree surgeon should be upfront with all costs involved in any project you hire them for. After they have surveyed the area, they will give you a quote. Potentially, this will include conditions for additional fees, should extra work be required. However, these quotes should be open, clear, and straightforward. Any contractor worthy of your time and money will know that fair and open dealings are what makes for a reliable tree surgeon.

Contact Middleton Tree Services For Professional Tree Surgery

Are you looking for a reliable tree surgeon? Contact us today for qualified, experienced and fully certified landscaping technicians. Our team of experts are fully insured and committed to providing you with quality work at competitive prices.

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